What the Urban Environment is Missing

Indoor foliage design is necessary for any urban environment. When faced with a concrete jungle outside the walls of your office building, sometimes the best approach is to bring the plant life to you indoors. Here at Foliage Design Systems North Carolina, we’re proud to serve business in and around the city of Wilmington. We’re also always intrigued to hear about services catering to metropolitan areas that could use an infusion of nature in a variety of spaces.

This article published by am New York discusses a business launched by one city dweller hailing from rural Western Massachusetts that provides quick indoor foliage tips and installation for Manhattan and the city’s other boroughs. The Sill has been operational since June 2012 and it has found great success in transporting green foliage to those who need it throughout the city.

Much like us here at Foliage Design Systems, this business also offers both residential and office design services. We hear all the time from our customers about just how important to them that it is to have some extra color and wildlife in their office. North Carolina homes can also enjoy the same fresh burst of nature installed by our incredibly professional staff.

Often, it takes a mind from outside of the city to realize what the urban environment is missing. The founder of The Sill grew up gardening often with her mother, teaching her from a young age the importance of having a green thumb. Indoor plant delivery services in a place like New York City typically cater to those who are clueless as to how to incorporate living plants in an indoor space.

There may be a bit more room to breathe here in Wilmington, but that doesn’t mean that your office, home or commercial building couldn’t benefit from some shrubs, plants or other greenery installed indoors. Call us today if you want a consultation of our services, and we’ll be happy to let you know when you can start enjoying healthier and fresher interiors in your building.