These Low-Maintenance Plants Are Perfect for the Office

These Low-Maintenance Plants Are Perfect for the Office Does your office work space feel a little drab and stuffy? Are you looking for ways to brighten it up and get some fresh air? Consider getting a few indoor plants! Scientific research has demonstrated that many of these plants act as natural air filters and help keep people healthy and productive. So what are some of the best, low-maintenance options for your office?


Not only do aloe plants purify the air, they can also be used to treat scrapes and burns! The leaves that grow at its center are filled with the soothing aloe gel you can find at your local pharmacy. These succulents are very easy to maintain, and only require occasional watering.  Just pick a sunny spot adjacent to a window, and your aloe plant will flourish!


Jade is another beautiful and hardy succulent that can thrive indoors. Jade plants can survive in a variety of conditions, and are very resilient. Allow them to dry thoroughly between waterings, and expose them to moderate sunlight for best results.

Peace lily

The elegant white flowers of the peace lily make it an especially popular office plant. They don’t require a great deal of water and prefer indirect sunlight, making them an ideal choice for indoor environments.

Snake plant

Snake plants are just what you need to freshen up that stale office air. They are great at removing toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from the air, and they require very little maintenance. Just make sure the soil is drained and keep them in indirect to low sunlight.

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