Applying the Biophilia Hypothesis to Your Workplace

Applying the Biophilia Hypothesis to Your WorkplaceThe term Biophilia literally translates to “a love of life or living systems.” It’s a term that was popularized by biologist Edward O. Wilson through his 1984 work Biophilia. The basic idea is that human beings are hardwired to be relaxed and invigorated by exposure to our natural environment. This theory accounts for the unique sense of calm we feel when working in the garden, or listening to the sound of waves crashing on a beach. It even provides insight as to why we benefit so much from inviting furry companions into our human families.

The Biophilia hypothesis suggests that people can cultivate a healthy state of mind by exposing themselves to natural objects and settings. More recently, the idea has been adapted as a popular principle of design among architects who incorporate natural elements into building construction and décor. By implementing these design principles into your own workspace, you can promote positive feelings of well-being throughout the day.

Opt for Natural Light

Dim down the brightness of your computer screen and, if you’re lucky enough to work in an office with a window, try keeping the artificial light in your workspace to a minimum. According to the theory of Biophilia, organic sources of light are the natural preference of human beings. Clear skies trigger the release of serotonin, the hormone responsible for feeling alert and euphoric. The absence of natural light on the other hand, triggers the release of melatonin, the hormone that makes us feel sleepy. Natural light can not only make your office look nice, but also make you feel more energized at work.

Invest in Office Plants

And we mean real plants. Studies have shown that contact with real plants, as opposed to synthetic plants, can lower heart rates and promote relaxation. Hospital patients with plants in their room for instance, tend to recover more quickly than those without. The presence of live plants will nurture your sense of connection to the natural world, and make you feel more at-ease than you would in a sterile office environment.

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