What is Parrot Flower Power?

Are you considering indoor foliage design, but are worried about a lack of a green thumb? Parrot, a French electronics company, may have solved your paradox. They have just created and launched a new device called the Parrot Flower Power sensor that will not only monitor your plant for you, but alert you via Bluetooth when it needs care.

The sensor runs on AAA batteries that last about six months. It works by reading soil conditions for four inches around where it is inserted into a pot or garden, allowing it to monitor the condition of multiple plants at once. The Parrot Flower Power sensor reads ambient temperature, fertilizer, light intensity, and soil moisture. It then connects to an app on your iOS device that accesses a database of over 6,000 plants and their maintenance requirements to alert you to their needs.

The Flower Power Plant sensor has the ability to store data for each plant it monitors for up to a year, charting it’s growth and measuring conditions in any clime. The device is available at Brookstone and Verizon stores for $60. They work indoors or outside and allow virtually anyone to not only maintain plants but to bring out optimal growth like a pro.

If you’re considering upgrading your office by bringing a little nature into a waiting room or employee station, contact Foliage Design Systems. We can provide you with proper care instructions to bring out the beauty of our installations, whether or not you choose to invest in new technologies like the Flower Power Plant sensor, just in case.