Interior Plantscape Company in North Carolina

You’re sitting in a waiting room. Maybe you’re waiting to meet with an attorney, secretary clacking industriously away at a keyboard behind a professionally trendy dark-stained desk. Or maybe you’re glancing over at the daytime soap playing on the television while you wait for the dental hygienist to peek out from behind your chart and call your name. It’s professional, maybe you trust this business, having used them since childhood, and maybe this is your first impression.

But it’s still a business. It’s clinical; it’s commercial; it’s a taste of urbanization, even if you went to the same high school as several of the employees you’re waiting to consult.

Foliage Design Systems can change that. We provide design services that bring “nature indoors nationwide”. Not only does our service make your establishment a more comfortable place for clients, but also it can actually improve your client and employee experience while in your office.

Recent studies show that indoor plants can promote better air quality, aid with noise reduction, improve client and employee well being, and contribute to meeting at least 75% of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) criteria.

The fact is that indoor air pollution is generally more harmful than outdoor air pollution. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from indoor plastics and metals mix with air in your office to drastically affect air quality. A study in the University of Technology Sydney just confirmed that after a week of acclimatization, plants in an office can severely reduce the effects from VOCs, making the air in your office cleaner and decreasing negative health effects such as headaches, fatigue, and dizziness in employees. This leads to more efficiency and happier clients.

Finally, recent surveys have determined that clients simply respond better to businesses that attempt to bring nature indoors. Customers reported that office spaces and foyers with plant life made the business seem trustworthy, welcoming, concerned for staff welfare, and well run. To start upgrading your customer and employee experience today, call Foliage Design Systems.