Everyone Benefits From a Splash of Greenery

Here at Foliage Design Systems North Carolina, we offer a variety of services in the area of green interior design. We work mostly with large facilities all over the Tar Heel State and our indoor gardens can be seen in a number of malls, business centers and restaurants around the region.

Even if our readers don’t own a large piece of real estate or a business that caters to a sit-down crowd, they can still benefit from a splash of greenery in their own homes and office spaces. However, home gardeners are very aware of the many difficulties involved with trying to get flowers to thrive inside. Today, we wanted to take some time to share some interior planting tips with our readers here at the Foliage Design Systems blog.

One of the first mistakes most aspiring indoor gardeners make is to procure a plant that cannot withstand indoor environments. Even many plants that don’t burst forth with petals are still too high-maintenance to grow indoors. Small pines, Chinese evergreens and other hardy plants are what you should buy for your home.

Another important factor to consider when planning your indoor garden is the permanent space that your plants will inhabit, as this list of indoor planting tips published by Forbes discusses. Make sure your plant is placed on a shelf or windowsill where it receives the proper amount of sunlight, which can vary widely by species. Once you’ve set your plants, do your best to not disturb them, as any drastic changes in temperature or sunlight can cause the plant to go into shock.

Maintaining your plants through pruning and watering is also crucial, and often a step that goes forgotten. Inspect your plants once a week to see if you should cut any shoots that may be sapping too much energy from the plant, or are dying. You don’t want to over-prune, but it will help the long-term growth of your plant. Make sure to add water if the leaves look limp and crispy and the soil is dry; however, too much water can cause fungus growth and root rot.

We believe that everyone can enjoy a greener, more environmentally friendly indoor space here at Foliage Design Systems North Carolina. Let us know if you want professional advice in the area of interior office and building design involving plant installation. Our expertise will provide great results for your renovation project.