Creating a Green and Living Space

All over the country, the idea of greener living indoors is taking huge steps forward. Here at Foliage Design Systems North Carolina, we’re always impressed to hear about those who make the effort to make interior landscaping design look easy. We’re especially encouraged to learn about those who try to help others experience the cleaner area and freshness of a home or office space that uses plants.

For example, look at this article published by The article discusses the lush greenery permeating the apartment of one woman from Buffalo, NY, and the growth of a workshop series where she tries to share her message with others who are interested in interior landscaping.

As the article discusses, members of the public are able to attend Sara Johnson’s workshops on increasing the flora found inside of a home using terrariums or other greenery. The monthly workshops focus on topics of great interest to those who may attempt some form of interior garden design, from succulent gardens to air plant mounts.

Like many in this field, Sara’s business grew from a hobby, but she found an ability to make herself marketable by focusing on terrariums, small-scale ecosystems that are typically enclosed. These mini-ecosystems were first created during the Victorian age, but have recently returned to popularity over the past few decades.

Foliage Design Systems North Carolina doesn’t have quite the same focus on terrariums, but we find that live foliage contained within decorative planters and our plant installation techniques create a living space that is inviting to all who enter. We even provide integrated pest management and guaranteed plant health maintenance services, along with short-term rental of plants for weddings, graduations and other parties.

Call Foliage Design Systems North Carolina when you want to learn about the best indoor plants to choose for building a fresher home or office in eastern North Carolina or northeast South Carolina. We’re able to reach thousands of interested home and building owners from our headquarters in Wilmington, NC.